We supply and install the building intercom of Crystal companies and so many reputed brands of intercom, also take AMC of any brand intercom.

We are the dealers of crystal building intercom, and provide the quick service to the clients.

We provide the different types of display units, Krones, Armoed cables, multiple pair cables.

Provides the different cards (8 ports) of any brand in reasonable rates.


Phonomax Intercom System is designed using Surface Mount Technology components eliminating bulk old component blocks and transformers resulting to a more reliable and compact product. More stress is given on protection for each card as well on extension circuits, which enhances life of the product drastically.

The line cards are equipped with Subscriber line interface Circuit (SLIC) based, which gives better sound clarity without any crosstalk and gives better life to Telephone Instruments attached to it as the SLIC's comlies norms for telephone interface.The SLIC are more stable and well protected.

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