Revolutionary video quality of Fine View series is based on digital and full LED backlight technologies of COMMAX which is the dream for all kinds of the color video phones.

COMMAX' video door phone is well known for its high performances, neat designs and economical efficiencies throughout the world as well as domestic market. Beyond the functions of conventional video phones, we provide unique concept with coupling of security products.


Crystal VDP can connect two cameras and easily toggle between the two cameras using single buttons. Ideally a common camera can be placed at the security gates to monitor visitors and the other can be a standard 'Door phone outdoor unit' with camera and lock open facility. Both combinations of two 'security cameras 'or one 'security camera' & one 'Door phone outdoor unit' is possible.

Crystal VDP can operate an optional 'Electronic Door Lock' to open the door. A built in safety feature prevents accidental opening of the door if the unlock button is pressed by mistake.

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